The School of Modern Naturopathy

We develop short e-learning courses in naturopathy, natural medicine and nutrition. The courses are in video lecture format, with written resources in the form of pdfs, and links to helpful websites.

Written by acclaimed natural health expert Linda Lazarides in the UK, our courses specialize in reconciling the views of the European early naturopaths, with the modern science-based approach that is sometimes known as functional medicine or functional nutrition.

The two systems are more compatible than we think, and there is a real wealth of modern research to help us ‘join up the dots’. It is really a question of knowing how to interpret the research—something that scientists can struggle with.

Our short courses will be of interest to:

  • Those who want a clear and concise explanation of naturopathy
  • Those who are curious or have unanswered questions and would like to learn more
  • Those who have friends or family with minor ailments that they believe would benefit from a naturopathic approach
  • Those who work in conventional medicine and would like to understand how naturopathy works

This site is still under development. More information about the courses will be available soon.