Body Rejuvenation Therapy

…Through Targeted Cellular Detoxification

We are very excited about this new course, with video content of 2 hours, and 5 downloadable pdf resources. It has taken several months of Linda’s life to research all the latest information on what causes ageing and how to reverse it.

YES, the ageing process CAN be reversed. If you are 50, you are not going to look 20 again, but the information that is now at our fingertips is absolutely extraordinary, including how to delay the decay of DNA and even nurture our own stem cells to reproduce better.

Much of this information has only been available in the last couple of years, so rest assured, this course is not about recycled stuff that you already know or could have guessed. It is totally wild!

Body Rejuvenation Therapy introduces the concept of Targeted Cellular Detoxification. This is unlike any kind of detoxification you have heard of before. Did you know that some of the body’s own cells can start to act almost like bacteria, producing a poisonous swamp that ages the healthy cells around them? Getting rid of these bad cells is a detox process that can be accomplished with the right foods. Some of these foods are very specific, and Linda guides you through the maze.

Cells can also be encouraged to detox themselves, consuming their own damaged or obsolescent parts.

The pdf resources included with this video course provide links to the hundreds of research studies that Linda found during her searches. There’s plenty of science to back everything up.

For natural therapists who would like to add Body Rejuvenation Therapy to their repertoire, a Udemy certificate is awarded on completion of the course and its assignment. Hoping to see you there!

Course Link: Body Rejuvenation Therapy through Targeted Cellular Detoxification

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