Naturopathy for Covid-19: A popular short online course

As anti-Covid restrictions ease in many countries, it becomes more important than ever to protect ourselves—unfortunately Covid-19 is here to stay. But it’s not all bad news. Now that the disease has been with us for 18 months, we know much more about it. Vast amounts of research have been done, not only on what makes us more vulnerable to Covid infection, but how our body combats this type of virus, and how we can boost our resistance. Nutrients are absolutely key. I have trawled through all the research into nutrition, nutrients, foods, supplements and herbal medicines to find the latest reliable information that we can use to protect ourselves. I have to say I was shocked that so little of this information has made it to the media. There is SO much we can do to increase our resistance, I have made it into a short video course for Udemy. Click here to access this course.
Wishing you good health
Linda Lazarides BA (Hons)
The School of Modern Naturopathy

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