Nutrition and Covid-19

Researchers have found that over 70 per cent of people who have died from Covid-19 infection had zinc blood levels below the deficiency level. When they looked at both zinc and selenium together, they found that only 0.15 per cent of healthy people were below the deficiency level, compared with 50 per cent of people who had died from Covid-19. They conclude that just by measuring zinc and selenium levels in an individual, you can actually predict their odds of surviving Covid-19. They urge the use of supplements to prevent deficiency. Click here to read the full research study.

The best food sources of zinc and selenium are Brazil nuts, fish and seafood.

The School of Modern Naturopathy has prepared a short online course on Nutrition and Covid-19. This course has very comprehensive information and 5-star reviews. Click here to watch the first part for free.



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