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Finally our online video course Body Rejuvenation through Targeted Cellular Detoxification is ready. Be prepared for mind-blowing facts. It consists of 2 hours of self-paced video plus downloadable pdf resources, quizzes and a short final assignment. It is designed as a certificate course—complementary therapists of all types can add this to their repertoire. Rest assured, this is not recycled information that you already know or can guess. It is totally wild!

Our Foundation Course in Modern Naturopathy is a two-hour course consisting of five video lectures plus pdfs and web-links. You will learn the principles of modern naturopathy, and how to combat up to 20 common ailments using nutrition and basic herbal medicines.

Our new course: Naturopathy for Covid-19 is now available and is very popular. You will learn the priorities for preventing Covid-19 infection; what to do if you start to get symptoms; how the virus attaches itself to our cells and what the body needs to help prevent this; plus recommended self-help if you develop severe Covid-19. All the information in this course is research-based, and scientific references are provided in a pdf. This course has 5-star reviews.

Future planned courses include:

  • Modern naturopathy for Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia
  • Modern naturopathy for chronic kidney disease
  • Turmeric: why this yellow spice is considered the naturopathic equivalent of a wonder-drug
  • Recent research into green tea and its many therapeutic uses
  • New strategies in cancer therapy

Foundations of Modern Naturopathy is our foundation course, hosted by Udemy. You can watch the first video lecture for free at

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      Unfortunately no, but that is a good idea! Maybe the “Easy” edition (minus the recipes) could be made into a downloadable mp3 if enough people ask for it 🙂

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